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Business Etiquette

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Business Etiquette

1 Day Instructor Led Course - 7 Contact Hours




Center Benefits :

• Corporate Venue: Onsite or at SitesPower

• UAE Ministry of Education Accredited Institute

• Certificate of Achievement (Ministry Attestation fees apply)

• Exams: Qualification exams available (fees excluded)


Training Quality Guarantees :

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• Free Course Trial

• Free Course Repeat

• Corporate HR Investment Guarantee

• Corporate Customization

• Course Version Upgrade


Course Overview
The course highlights the essential soft skills of good manners that play a critical role in advancing your career. Not only do they give you added credibility, but they also ensure that you are an exceptional representative of your company. Having these skills often means the difference between being pigeonholed in your current position and being offered an attractive promotion or the opportunity to start your own company. You may even find yourself becoming a model for others in your business by setting a standard of respectful behavior and kindness toward others. People around you will appreciate your graciousness and follow your lead.

Training Outcomes:
Participants who successfully complete this program will be able to:
- Develop good etiquette on the job
- Improve their communication skills
- Develop good office etiquette
- Enhance etiquette when visiting other offices
- Show respect for physical differences
- Handle racial and ethnic differences
- Understand wardrobe basics
- Put together workplace attire for women and men
- Groom themselves properly
- Mind their body language

Target Audience

Training Content:
Part 1: Conducting Yourself Gracefully in the Business World
Displaying Good Manners at Work
Making a Positive Impression on the Job
Working in a Diverse Environment
Look Sharp! Creating Professional Style and Presence
Part 2: Building Better Communication Skills
The Art of Meeting and Greeting
Making Polite Conversation
Improving Your Telephone Manners
Sharpening Your Written Communication Skills
Part 3: Behaving in the Boardroom and Beyond
Minding Your Meeting Manners
Overcoming Work-Related Challenges
Coming to Terms with Difficult People
Managing Office Conflict
Managing Ethical Dilemmas at Work
Crossing Cultural Lines: Your Passport for Success