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Planning Change

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ILM Planning Change in the Workplace Course 8600-302

2 Day Instructor Led Course - 14 Contact Hours




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Course Objectives

When you have completed this workbook you will be better able to:
- identify the forces behind change, and how they might affect your organization or department
- recognize the beneficial aspects of change, whether it be through continuous improvement or through one-off projects

- initiate improvements in workplace activities
- describe the effect of change on systems and procedures and assess the costs and benefits of change
- plan change projects

Assessment Criteria

Understand the forces for change in an organization
1.1 Identify the forces that may require own organization to change by conducting a simple PESTLE and/or SWOT analysis

Understand planning for change in an organization
2.1 Give an example of change required in the workplace reflecting the SWOT and/or PESTLE analyses
2.2 Use a technique for planning change within the context of the example given
2.3 Identify relevant human and financial factors in the consideration of change within the context of the example given
2.4 Explain how to communicate with and involve people to facilitate effective change

Understand continuous improvement in an organization
3.1 Explain the importance of quality awareness and the need to continuously improve the organization
3.2 Identify the organization's quality standards
3.3 Use a continuous improvement tool or technique relevant to the workplace
3.4 Explain ways of involving the team in quality and continuous improvement
3.5 Discuss ways to evaluate continuous improvement activities

International Curriculum

Unit 3.03 - Official ILM Curriculum, Institute of Leadership & Management


Course Outline



1. Change in the workplace

2. Triggers for change

3. Quality Improvement and management process

4. Suggestion schemes

5. Managing change

6. Role models



1. The revolution in achieving change

2. Identifying appropriate changes

3. The SWOT analysis

4. The PESTLE analysis

5. A Simple approach to planning change

6. Force field analysis

7. Communication

8. The change process

9. Stakeholders

10. Individual change



1. Tools to aid planning and monitoring of change programmes

2. Critical Path Analysis & PERT charts - Planning and scheduling more complex projects

3. Control point identification charts

4. Project control charts

5. Milestone charts

6. Budget control charts

7. Cost and cost control

8. Fixed costs and variable costs