Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Specialist (RCCS)

Course Description:

Securityone® is for everybody! Any individual, organization, government agency, including schools and colleges, would benefit from the course. Most importantly, the course is designed for ordinary day to day users who do not have the advantage of specialized technical knowledge, i.e. for the rest of us.

Securityone® will primarily provide you with a working knowledge of all the fundamental threats to cybersecurity in our everyday life, and how to deal with them. Every end user, that is almost every single one of us in today’s world, who has a minimum digital footprint, is in need of being educated in the ways to secure their devices and systems. .

What will you learn?
The following are the skills that the student will pick up upon enrolling for the course:
  • Learn to identify the challenges
  • Learn how to safeguard a company’s/individual’s privacy
  • Learn the need for compliance and reduce errors
  • Learn to save time, energy and money
  • Learn to be less anxious
  • Become an expert yourself
  • Learn to defeat the threat
  • Securityone® is for everybody!
  • Any individual, organization, government agency, from school students to homemakers
  • Representatives from school and college administration
  • Technically and non-technically inclined people
  • Front office users
  • Everyday users of digital technology
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Students should have passed their 10+2 exams, preferably in the science stream.
  • Candidates from other backgrounds, for instance, arts and commerce, are also eligible to apply.
Course Topics:
  • Module 1: Securing Data and Privacy
  • Module 2: How to Avoid Getting Scammed Online
  • Module 3: Securing Networks
  • Module 4: Securing Websites
  • Module 5: Securing Emails
  • Module 6: Securing Mobile Devices
  • Module 7: Securing Employees
  • Module 8: Securing Operations
  • Module 9: Securing Payments
  • Module 10: Incident Response and Reporting: A Guideline
  • Module 11: Social Media: Policy Development and Management
  • Module 12: SecurityOne 101: Cybersecurity Basics
Course Objectives:
In the RCCS program you will learn:

- Gain credible recognition as a Cybersecurity Specialist
- Best practices in fundamentals of cybersecurity
- Better control over your own devices and data
- Better privacy and security of personal information
- Best strategies to ensure secure payments on e-platforms
- Secure social media usage

Key Features:
Course Advisor:
1 Category Category related to project Product Page / Project Management / Certification
2 Batch Type For each product Corporate / Public
3 Course Availability Course date (from to) for each product  
4 Location Location of courses for each product  
5 Course Language   English
6 Select Mode Mode of attending training Classroom

What is the course duration of RCCS?
The course duration for RCCS is around 22 hours, and will be completed in 3 days.
I have education and work experience, where can I complete the 22 contact hours of CCIO?
You can join Vinsys "Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Specialist (RCCS)" course at any of the open house session conducted across. If you are looking out to conduct this training in-house (within your office premises), we can facilitate for said service. You may reach us out at, we shall revert back to you within 24 hours.
Do you provide certificates on successfully completing the course?
Yes, at the end of the class, you will receive soft copy of course completion certificate on your email which states that you have successfully completed the course.
What all is included in the course?
Along with facilitating training sessions, we provide required course manuals and exercise book for exam preparation.
Who conduct the training sessions?
Training sessions are facilitated by certified experts having practical working experience as well as training experience. Our facilitators have 18 to 30+ yrs of overall experience.
When will the exam be conducted?
The exam will be held on the last day of the program. It will review your understanding of the course and test your understanding by means of specific objective questions.
How long is the course completion certificate valid?
The certification is valid for 2 years. You can renew the certificate at Accord portal for a certain fee.

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