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Body Language Interpretation

3 Day Instructor Led Course - 21 Contact Hours




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Course Overview:
Can you tell if someone is telling the truth just by looking at them? It is a skill that a lot of people do not have. Through Body Language Basics you will be given a set of tools to use to your advantage. These tools can be utilized in the office and at home. Understanding Body Language will provide you a great advantage in your daily communications.
Body Language Basics will provide you with a great set of skills to understand that what is not said is just as important than what is said. It will also give you the ability to see and understand how your own Body Language is being seen. You will be able to adjust and improve the way you communicate through non-verbal communications.

Course Objectives:

After having a gaze of this book the readers will unquestionably get a first endeavor of knowing and exploring about body language, its essentials as well as the applications.
Projecting a positive, professional and self-assured attitude comes with how you 'carry' yourself, not just what you say. The ability to code and decode body language is critical in sending out the right signals
• How to be a human lie detector
• How to read people
• How to detect hidden emotions
• Body language in business
• Body language for women
• Body language for men

Target Audience:

Management/Leadership: Effective leaders need to be conscious of their own body language. At the same time, they need to read the body language of their team members so as to understand their state of mind better and how they feel towards a particular project or assignment. Reading Body Language is also crucial in conflict management among Team Members.

Human Resource: Be equipped with Crucial Interviewing Techniques to uncover the Truth when it comes to the recruitment of staffs and tell if a Candidate is the right person to hire!

Sales: Build Rapport with Prospective Clients with the relevant Body Language. Understand Prospective Clients concerns through reading their Body Language and Close the deal by addressing their worries by asking the correct questions

Teaching/Mentoring: Watch out for signs of deception among Students, get student's attention through effective teaching Techniques and body language, understand student's needs/concerns

Counselling: Improve Your Counselling skills by identifying what candidates are intentionally concealing and read their emotional state of minds so as to build empathy with them.

Law Enforcement Officers: Enhance Interrogation and Interviewing Techniques. Detect and minimize the amount of false information To increase efficiency of their investigation

Negotiations: Nonverbal Communications have a greater impact than the words you say. Gain the edge in negotiations with fantastic non-verbal and body language tips to increase your rate of success and stay way ahead of the game. At the same time, read stakeholder's body language to understand what they are unconsciously revealing

Presentation/Public Speaking: Be an effective communicator or presenter by sensing your audience's state of Mind. Effectively Capture Your Audiences' Attention through Nonverbal Cues. Simple Body Language communication techniques that let you speak with purpose and conviction

Relationships at work: Build better relationships with colleagues/Bosses and know how to relate to them with the appropriate actions. Know Colleagues/Bosses soft spot, likings as well as things they don't favour.

Understanding Cultural Diversity: What is considered to be an appropriate body language might differ from culture to culture such as hand shaking, eye contact, even thumbs-up and the V hand sign! Don't embarrass yourself by doing the wrong things!

Course Outline:
1- Mastering the secrets of nonverbal communication
2- Living our limbic legacy
3- Getting a leg up on body language: nonverbal of the feet and legs
4- Torso tips: nonverbal of the torso, hips, chest, and shoulders
5- Knowledge within reach: nonverbal of the arms
6- Getting a grip: nonverbal of the hands and fingers
7- The mind’s canvas: nonverbal of the face
8- Detecting deception: proceed with caution!
9- Some final thoughts