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دورة ادوب فوتو شوب ادفانسد CS 3

35 ساعة تدريبية

ميزات المعهد - دورات ادوبي :

• معهد معتمد من ادوبي

• مناهج معتمد من ادوبي

• محاضرين معتمدين من ادوبي

• المخابر: جهاز كمبيوتر لكل طالب

• شهادة ادوبي العالمية: الامتحان برسوم إضافية

• معهد معتمد من وزارة التربية والتعليم

• شهادة انجاز: تصديق وزارة التربية برسوم إضافية


ضمانات الجودة :

(conditions apply)

• ضمان التقييم المجاني

• ضمان إعادة الدورة مجاناً

• ضمان استثمار الموارد البشرية

• التخصيص والملائمة مع الشركة

• ضمان ترقية الإصدار

Course Overview

This course covers the advanced topics of Adobe Photoshop, the world-standard image editing program. The course covers the comprehensive range of tools provided by Photoshop and its advanced Web-processing component, Adobe ImageReady software. Adobe Photoshop is used around the world to create the highest quality images for Web sites, brochures, presentations, and much more. This course is required to prepare for the ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) certification exam.



Adobe Photoshop Intermediate level

Job Profile

Graphic Designers, Web Designers


Course Outline


18. Color In Photoshop (Modes & Models)
RGB, Model
CMYK Model
Color Depth
RGB, Mode
Indexed Mode
L*a*b Model
Lab Mode
HSB Model
Bitmap Mode
The Color Palette
The Info Palette

19. Importing and Exporting
Importing Files
PDF Image
Working with Files Containing Vector Data
File Types and extentions


20. Mastering Layers Techniques
Blend if settings
Mastering Masks
Grouping Layers
Linking Masks

Masking Adjustment Layers
Creating Patttern fill Layers
Loading Patterns
Create Layers Sets from Linked Layers
Applying Styles


21. Advanced Web and Animation techniques
Planning Art for the web
Animation Techniques:
- Faking spin.
- Tweening Style.
- Tweening Shape (position).
- Cell Animation.
- Animating with Mask.
Buttons Techniques:
- Rollover styled buttons.


22. Working Smarter (Automating Tasks)
Using the Actions Palette
Creating Batches
The History Palette
Contact Sheet
Conditional Mode Change
Multi- page PDF to PSD
Fit Image
Picture Package
Web Photo Gallery


23. Setting Up Your Monitor for Color Management
Color management: An overview
Calibrating and characterizing your monitor
Monitor adjustment for Mac OS
Monitor adjustment on Windows
Saving the monitor profile


24. Producing and Printing Consistent Color
Reproducing colors
Specifying color management settings
Proofing an image
Identifying out-of-gamut colors
Adjusting an image and printing a proof
Saving the image as a separation
Selecting print options


25. Students Project
(In this session each student will be guided to create a complete Photoshop Artwork from the scratch)
How to Starting a New Project
Discuss practical issues (size, resolution, etc.)
Saving and Editing the Project & much more.