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Hospitality Management

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Hospitality Management

3 Day Instructor Led Course - 21 Contact Hours




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• UAE Ministry of Education Accredited Institute

• Certificate of Achievement (Ministry Attestation fees apply)

• Exams: Qualification exams available (fees excluded)


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Course Overview:
Hospitality Management is a career and life reference for both seasoned executives and new hires. This course positions associates to work comfortably in a global environment and to interpret the cultural expectations of their guests. In the Hospitality Management course you will discuss service, relationships, integrity, communications, personal image, creativity, and the bottom line that will support a culture of service and personal excellence.

Competition in the hospitality industry is nonstop, and brands are looking for associates who can handle themselves flawlessly both on and off the job. Modern hospitality professionals are correctly concerned about representing their organizations, and themselves, with polish, politeness, confidence, and authority. The Hospitality Management course leads the way by showcasing the soft skills that you can use to amaze your guests with your outstanding attention to customer care.

If you believe in remarkable service and have a passion for this great industry, then this course will delight you with a treasure chest of hands-on, practical information that will assist you throughout your career.

Course Objectives:
- Use knowledge and skills associated with problem solving, creative and critical thinking, reflection and decision making to function effectively in the industry.
- Apply the concepts and skills necessary to achieve guest satisfaction.
- Demonstrate leadership and teamwork to achieve common goals.
- Conduct him/herself in a professional and ethical manner, and practice industry-defined work ethics.
- Communicate effectively and confidently in the classroom, community and industry.
- Demonstrate knowledge of multicultural perspectives to meet the needs of the guests and employees.
- Lead with the knowledge that the foundation of tourism is based on the respect for the host culture with the responsibility to perpetuate the unique values, traditions, and practices of that place.
- Use knowledge of best practices to further sustainability (economic, environmental, and cultural/social) in the industry.
- Demonstrate ability to perform basic and supervisory level job functions in hotel and restaurant careers.

Target Audience:
Professionals who work or willing to work at hotels, airlines, cruise lines, resorts, luxury day spas, events, restaurants as well as in the travel industry - they all need world class hospitality management training.

Course Outline :
1- Making a five star impression
2- Team etiquette
3- Celebrations
4- Rites of passage
5- Electronic etiquette
6- Business travel
7- Gratuities
8- Your professional correspondence
9- Hosting guests who have disabilities
10- Special guest situations
11- The power of your wardrobe
12- Your public behavior
13- Dining etiquette
14- Global etiquette
15- Saving the best for last