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Online Skills Assessments


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1- Corporate Assessment Services:

Online assessments can be activated for groups of your staff in two ways:

• as pre-course assessments (to ensure participants are placed in the level needed)

• as pre and post-course assessments (to assess skills improvement). 

The Corporate Assessment Administration section allows you to review the assessment results of your staff.

Click here to request activation of free online assessments for your organization.


2- Assessment Services for Individuals:

Individuals can take also assess their skills to see which level is the most appropriate for them, or if have the proper prerequisites to attend high level courses in our public schedule. 


Available Skills Assessments:

A+ and Networking Essentials

MS Active Directory

MS Project - Level 1

MS FrontPage - Level 1

Windows Vista - Level 1

Windows Vista - Level 2

English - Elementary Level

English - Intermediate Level

ICDL - Word Processing (Microsoft Word)

ICDL - Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)

Microsoft Office, Word - Level 1

Microsoft Office, Word - Level 2

Microsoft Office, Word - Level 3

Microsoft Office, Excel - Level 1

Microsoft Office, Excel - Level 2

Microsoft Office, Excel - Level 3

Microsoft Office, PowerPoint - Level 1

Microsoft Office, PowerPoint - Level 2

Microsoft Office, PowerPoint - Level 3

Microsoft Office, Outlook - Level 1

Microsoft Office, Outlook - Level 2

Microsoft Office, Access - Level 1

Microsoft Office, Access - Level 2

Microsoft Office, Access - Level 3

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