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Digital Marketing Certification Training


Digital Marketing Certification Training

A 4-day Certification Training Course - 32 Contact Hours

Upskill with a set of Digital Marketing skills & build global brands like never before!


Center Benefits

  • Industry-expert certified trainers
  • Latest Digital Marketing Trends and Updated Study Materials
  • Tech-enabled, State-of-the-art Learning Environment
  • High-quality course curriculum
  • Excellent classroom facilities and live simulations
  • Accredited institute by the UAE Ministry of Education
  • Certificate of Achievement (ministry attestation fees apply)


Course Description 

The philosophy behind designing this Digital Marketing course is to make you well-acquainted with the saviour Digital Marketing tactics that truly work in this age of transformation. In the race of constantly maintaining your brand outlook, quality of services, and keeping up with your competitor’s strategies, any skilled Digital Marketing leader aspires to come up with a ground-breaking blueprint. This course will not make the blueprint for you, but will certainly guide you through the pathway to designing your own, unique digital marketing master plan that transforms your brand persona and customer attitude toward your brand.

In this rapidly developing digital world, digital media marketing and market research plays a crucial role. In this comprehensive Digital Marketing workshop at SitesPower, you will learn every single component of digital media marketing right from advertising campaigns, Google analytics to promotional strategy, optimization and Pay per Click.

If you wish to master the advanced marketing design thinking, this workshop is the most ideal beginning to your transcendent journey. Change the way businesses look at innovation and upgrade to highlight your potential so that you can take your brand to the eminence next level!

Why Should You Get a Digital Marketing Certification?

Being a Certified Digital Marketing Professional means owning a renowned credential that is respected and demanded globally. Many big and small organisations across the world today are in the need of skilful Digital Marketing Specialists to help enhance their relationship with the customers.

In today’s technologically advanced era, revenue generation through online product marketing and social media marketing play a huge role. Traditional means of marketing are no more 100% relevant and reliable. In this world, Digital Marketing becomes the most affordable way of selling your product or service. But how do you do that? Understanding your customers, knowing their spending habits, decision-making and demands is crucial in order to sustain in the market.

In Digital Marketing, a number of things can go wrong, if one does not know how to make content, SEO and media work for the brand. Strategizing, creating and maintaining the brand identity, brand voice and keeping the customer engagement alive are all the most vital yet challenging elements of Digital Marketing. Unless you don’t know any tools, techniques, hacks and ideal practices, strategizing a marketing plan for your brand would be next to impossible and that is exactly why professionals choose the best Digital Marketing course they can find and acquire all the skills needed.


Digital Marketing Certification Training Course | SitesPower

This Digital Marketing Certification Training at SitesPower is the most effective, practical and the best Digital Marketing course you will find across the UAE and ME. The training is extremely beneficial for those who aspire to make a successful career in this modern and transcendent art of marketing.

SitesPower ranks amongst the best training institutes in Dubai. We have industry-expert, professionally certified trainers on the panel who give technical and practical hands-on knowledge on the principles and practices of Digital Marketing. The exceptionally well-designed curriculum, clearly explained theory and actual experience provided on the pathway to the perfect Digital Marketing Strategy are some of the things that definitely keep you ahead of the crowd.


Become an Expert Certified Digital Marketer!

Solve multiple problems, prepare with the help of our intensive, interactive training course and course material. Be 100% ready for your Digital Marketing career. Become highly skilled and confident with your SEO and Content Marketing practices.

This training covers not only the basics of Digital Marketing, for example, market research or types of marketing, but will also provide the candidates with the knowledge of actual tools and techniques used by marketers all over the world today. The fundamental practices and processes you learn here will make you efficient in building a marketing strategy for your brand. The course will also teach you how to make the best of the tools to enhance customer engagement in order to generate more business.

Join us now to start your fruitful Digital Marketing journey ahead!



There are no eligibility criteria to attend this Digital Marketing workshop. Having some background knowledge of Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Content and Search Engine is helpful.


Target Audience

Any professional or student who wants to validate her or his proficiency in Digital Marketing and has set a goal of working in the same industry can attend this Digital Marketing workshop. This workshop is beneficial to working professionals who are currently working or wish to work in the following designations.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Head
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Manager
  • SEM Specialist
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Content Head/ Strategist
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Entrepreneur or Business Owner
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Management, Business, Media or Communication degree holders


Our Subject Matter Experts

The Subject Matter Experts or Trainers at SitesPower have over 10 years of proven experience in the industry and in the delivery of training. They have excellent academic records along with technical qualification which makes them the most ideal personals to guide you right from day 1 till the time you finish your certification examination, receive your credential and are ready to take the leap!

Our trainers are internationally renowned for their command over the subject matter, most importantly, their updated industry knowledge. Our team of experts is also efficient in evaluating course effectiveness in relation to client timescales and desired results from a certain training program. Looking for the best in town DIGITAL MARKETING certification training course? Look no further. Get in touch with our counsellors today to book your seat!


Job Opportunities after completing the Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing professional is a highly valued career path today that offers lucrative job prospects. Courses in Digital Marketing are popular globally, as a digital marketing specialist is considered to be one of the highest-paid professionals with unlimited growth opportunities available.

Companies believe in investing a good deal of money in their digital marketing endeavours. Most companies in the world spend over $50,000 on their digital marketing projects per year.

After clearing your Digital Marketing certification, you can get associated with a new project or an assignment within your current organization. If you’re looking out for a job change, promotion, or an appraisal, upskilling with a Digital Marketing Certification would be an excellent choice.

Brands all over the world look for a leader who is not only an expert in Digital Marketing tools, but is also a design thinker, a good facilitator, and an innovator who believes in flexibility and experiments. He or she is a very important person to a company because, on behalf of the company, a digital marketer acts as a communicator to the customers, a medium between the product and the consumer. Hence, organizations offer high compensations to ensure they get the best and certified talent on-board.  

Digital Marketing as a practice can make you a good amount of compensation. According to Ziprecruiter.com, a certified Digital Marketing Manager salary comes around $80,214 per annum which is only an average salary number. Candidates with more experience in the field along with a few additional certifications can certainly earn more and can also work as an individual Digital Marketing consultant.


Other Popular Courses

At SitesPower, we strive to train you on just the right skills your job requires you to use. You can go well ahead and earn more feathers in your cap so that you are perfectly equipped with great qualities along with credentials on your CV to land the dream job in your choice of a region in the world.

Digital Marketing professionals are held very high in regard. Perhaps, getting an additional certification will be an add-on benefit to your CV. Since you wish to become an inspiring leader in the marketing domain, getting a certification in Project Management or Quality Management will definitely be extremely profitable.

Following are some of our popular courses that you may like to pursue.

PMP Certification Training Course

PRINCE2 Certification Training Course

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training Course

Artificial Intelligence Certification Training Course

An additional certification along with your Digital Marketing Certification will absolutely keep you in the right position to deal with any vulnerable situation effectively and systematically. It will also allow you to practice modern marketing strategies at their best, making your credibility and leadership score much stronger.


Why SitesPower

SitesPower is a leading Corporate and IT training organizations with the best support system ever, in terms of exam prep, guidance and customised training programs.

SitesPower has uplifted thousands of individuals’ careers and continues to do so - not just in UAE and ME but even beyond these regions. We are a team that gets looked up first when it comes to quality training, 100% reliable course curriculum, professional certifications and exams, career consultation, and more.

Our trainers have a vast experience in Network and Security Management who have played major roles in the development of many global organizations over the years and thus, are in the perfect place to guide you through the ITIL practices.

Enhance your technical skillset, increase your credibility and get great prospects of obtaining a job across renowned IT organizations worldwide with SitesPower’s Digital Marketing Certification Training program!

FastTrack your career growth with our Digital Marketing Certification Training!

Enroll with us NOW!


Course Outline

This Digital Marketing course consists of in-detail modules on effective modern marketing concepts, techniques and tools. It emphasizes the significance of a Digital Marketing Specialist’s role in businesses around the world.

With the all-embracing Digital Marketing curriculum at SitesPower, you learn everything right from the fundamentals of marketing and SEO to all the essentials of strategy and tool application.

We follow the most updated tools and techniques and the curriculum has been built keeping the ever-changing digital marketing trends in mind.

Module 1: Digital Marketing

  • Introduction and discussion
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • The significance, uses, concept of Digital Marketing
  • Digital vs. Traditional Marketing


Module 2: Design Thinking for Digital Marketing

2.1 The power of design thinking

2.2 User-centric approach

2.3 Imagining and executing successful online marketing campaigns

2.4 User experience mapping


Module 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3.1 What is SEO?

3.2 Keywords and their types: short-tail, long-tail, short-term, long-term, product defining, customer defining, geo-targeting, LSI and intent targeting.

3.3 Keyword research methods

3.4 On-page and off-page SEO

3.5 Inbound link building and identifying influential sites

3.6 Setting up a Search Console and tracking your own website’s performance

3.7 Building a full-proof SEO strategy


Module 4: Social Media Marketing

4.1 A modern marketer’s arsenal: Social Media

4.2 Different Social Media Platforms and their marketing features

4.3 Building a social media strategy

4.4 How to run Social Media campaigns

4.5 Driving customer engagement

4.6 Measuring engagement for Conversation, Amplification, and Applause.


Module 5: Online Advertising or Pay-per-click (PPC)

5.1 Online paid platforms

5.2 What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

5.3 Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Ads

5.4 Mapping out target markets

5.5 Identifying customer acquisition costs

5.6 Retargeting campaigns

5.7 Metrics: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Average Order Price (AOV)


Module 6: Content Marketing

6.1 Creating content that attracts humans and search engines

6.2 Building a Content Marketing strategy in alignment with SEO strategy

6.3 Email Marketing

6.4 User Experience Design

6.5 Building Online Communities

6.6 Mobile Marketing

6.7 Video (YouTube) Marketing


Module 7: Web Analytics

7.1 Web analytics using the Google Analytics platform

7.2 How to work with real data to validate hypotheses in real-time?

7.3 Drawing a comparative analysis with a competitor’s website


Module 8: Data Visualization

8.1 The need for data-visualization in Digital Marketing

8.2 Using Google Data Studio to sync various datasets across Google Analytics, MailChimp, etc.


Tools Used

  • Answer The Public for keyword inspiration
  • SEMRush for keyword volume (free trial)
  • SmallSEOTools
  • Hubspot
  • Google Ads - Keyword Planner
  • Google Search Console for site issues & indexing
  • Facebook Audience Insights
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Sheets
  • Zapier



“This Digital Marketing Workshop was so enriching that after completing it I felt like I was taking some invaluable insights back home with me. I am definitely going to use this knowledge at work. The trainer explained all the critical aspects really well. I totally recommend this program!”

Bianca Gomes, CRM & Email Marketing Manager.


“I enjoyed this workshop. It was a good experience. I learned many new things about Digital Marketing. Very useful course material and the trainer was good.”

Zarif Hakim Antar, SEO Manager.


“This Digital Marketing Course in Dubai really taught me a lot. There were a lot of things I did not know about SEO and Content Marketing which I learned here. Excellent course with easy to understand and helpful course content. Keep it up!”

Taslim Rehman, Sr. Executive Digital Marketing.



What is the significance of Digital Marketing at present?

According to a recent report, 72% marketing professionals believe in the notion that traditional marketing strategies are not effective anymore. More than 80% of businesses in the world today are likely to invest more in digital marketing and branding rather traditional marketing. These results indicate that Digital Marketing has become an integral part of any organization. Online market place holds the incredible potential of helping businesses grow. Digital Marketing is powerful and relevant in today’s world that moves quickly.


What type of organizations hire a Digital Marketing Specialist?

Whether it is an IT Service company or a media agency, Digital Marketing Specialist is high in demand everywhere, in every domain. Digital Marketing is one of the most trending and well-paying fields. Since every company strives to achieve a top-notch online presence, a hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist becomes essential to build an end to end customer-centric brand image online.


What are the job responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Specialist?

Increasing brand awareness, promoting the company’s services and driving lead conversions are some of the topmost duties of Digital Marketing Specialists. They work along with SEO Specialists, Sales Executives and Creative Directors to advocate a brand effectively using diverse appropriate internet platforms. Digital Marketing professionals have striking personalities; they’re analytical, creative, artistic, methodical and expressive individuals. If you think you fit in these parameters, this Digital Marketing Workshop by SitesPower is just the perfect choice for you to advance in your career.


What skills do I need to get a well-paid job in Digital Marketing domain?

Digital Marketing endeavours are taken on with a lot of hands-on experience, practice on the right tools and with a great sense of analysis, creativity and innovation. Brands all over the world look for a leader who is not only an expert in Digital Marketing tools, but is also a design thinker, a good facilitator, and an innovator who believes in flexibility and experiments.

If you wish to be a successful digital marketer, you must keep exploring the new trends every single day. It is a vast field with no limits at all. So, if you are creative, art-lover, calculative, and advertising enthusiast, Digital Marketing is just the right and indeed, an excellently well-paid profession.


How are the Digital Marketing sessions conducted at SitesPower?

We have classroom training as well as online WebEx training available at our learning center. You may choose your mode of training based on your convenience.

If you are an individual, please look into our course schedule and select the course schedule that suits your timetable.

If you are a corporate organization and looking for a group training program, please get in touch with us on 04-352-4949 and we will arrange a trainer for you in your city as per your time suitability.


What are the eligibility criteria/ prerequisites for this Digital Marketing Certification?

There are absolutely no eligibility criteria. Even a fresher or a college graduate can attend this course, provided the candidate has some background knowledge of Digital Marketing and its ways of operating.

Any professional or student who wants to validate her or his proficiency in the domain and has set a goal of working as a Digital Marketing Specialist in any organization in the world can attend this training program.


How can I prepare for myself to work as a Digital Marketer after this course?

At SitesPower, we ensure that you are ready for your Digital Marketing explorations. You are trained vigorously on technicalities as well as live simulations. Real-world case studies are shared with you for you to better understand the terms, solutions and techniques of digital marketing. You are given the best quality study and exam preparation material, practice tests are conducted in the class and only then you have to take the exam.


Do get in touch with us for any further queries.

Enroll for this world-class Digital Marketing certification training in Dubai now and reach the new heights of your professional life!



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