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Java Fundamentals for Android Development Course

1 Day Instructor Led Course - 7 Contact Hours
Upcoming Schedules for Android Java Fundamentals :
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Center Benefits :

• Corporate Venue: Onsite or at SitesPower

• UAE Ministry of Education Accredited Institute

• International Curriculum

• Certified Instructors

• Computer Labs: 1 PC for each student

• Certificate of Achievement (Ministry Attestation fees apply)

• Exams: Prometric & VUE exams available (fees excluded)


Training Quality Guarantees :

(conditions apply)

• Free Course Trial

• Free Course Repeat

• Corporate HR Investment Guarantee

• Corporate Customization

• Course Version Upgrade

Course Overview

Developing applications for Android systems requires basic knowledge of Java programming language. This is a two-day (12-hours) introductory course that focuses on the fundamentals of Java programming language, its framework, syntax, and paradigm.

The course will focus on object-oriented programming and techniques which are mainly used in Android software development kit (SDK). It will provide the basic tools and skills to ensure a smooth start with Android application development.
This is a crucial course for any non-Java programmer planning to learn the development of Android applications, though it is not mapped to any exam.


Target Audience

This is a crucial course for any non-Java programmer planning to learn the development of Android applications, though it is not mapped to any exam.



This course is designed for software developers or anyone interested in building Android applications. However, computer programming experience in any language is required before taking this course in order to benefit from it to the most.

This course is a pre-requisite of the course "Android Application Development" which is four full days instructor led training leading towards a certification exam # AND-401 offered by Andriod-ATC. The exam facility is provided by SitesPower Training Center on a week advance notice.


Delivery Method

Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.


At Course Completion, a student will learn:

The fundamentals of Java Virtual Machine.
Writing, compiling, and running basic Java applications.
Using the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE).
Java basic syntax and control statements.
Java object oriented programming’s basic concepts: classes, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism… etc.
Java collections, file input/output, serialization, try/catch/finally …etc.
Installation and setup of Android SDK, plugins and Android emulator.
Writing a ‘Hello World’ Android application.


There is no exam offered by Andriod-ATC alone for this course. The student must attend a four days training "Android Application Development" to be qualified for exam no. AND-401.

Course Outline


Lesson 1: Java Basics

Java programming language
Java Virtual Machine
Setting up your machine for Java programming
Hello World in Java
Using a text Editor
Using an IDE
Java Primitive Data Type
Control Flow
If/Else and Switch
Switch statement
While loop
For Loop

Lesson 2: Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming
Access Modifiers
Method overriding and overloading

Lesson 3: Java Topics

Java Collections
Enumerated types

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