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CQIA Quality Improvement

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دورة ASQ Certified Quality Improvement Associate CQIA

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Course Overview

ASQ's CQIA Certification preparation learning program introduces quality concepts and tools to employees new to quality and to those with some previous background in quality. The course is based upon ASQ's Body of Knowledge (BoK) for the Certified Quality Improvement Associate, CQIA, certification exam, and it is an excellent preparation resource. Companies looking to satisfy basic quality training requirements should consider this program as an easy way to train varied audiences.

Upon completion of this course, you will:
- Have increased expertise in the practices and principles of quality.
- Understand the concepts of total quality management and process improvement.
- Be able to define seven commonly used quality tools and understand how they are used in problem solving for quality control or improved quality.
- Be prepared to sit for ASQ’s Certified Quality Improvement Associate certification exam.


Two years of work experience or an associate degree as a minimum.



For those in any field who want to understands quality tools and their uses, and participate in quality improvement projects.



One print-based workbook organized into six modules addressing both the philosophical and application essentials of quality. Each module includes content, tests and an application activity.


Course Outline


Module 1: Quality Benefits
Quality and profitability
Benefits to employees, organizations customers and society

Module 2: The Evolution of Quality
Quality defined
Quality standards


Module 3: Total Quality Management - TQM
Total quality management defined
Key components
Teams in TQM 


Module 4: Process Management
Process management defined
Principles of process management


Module 5: Quality Tools
Seven basic tools for quality control
Design of experiments
Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)


Module 6: Quality Deployment
Quality culture
Quality strategy
Quality plan
Quality function
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