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• اختبار تحديد المستوى مجانا

• معهد معتمد من وزارة التربية والتعليم

• محاضرين معتمدين

• شهادة انجاز: تصديق وزارة التربية برسوم إضافية


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• ضمان التقييم المجاني

• ضمان إعادة الدورة مجاناً

• ضمان استثمار الموارد البشرية

• التخصيص والملائمة مع الشركة

• ضمان ترقية الإصدار


Course Overview

The Business Result English Advanced course materials are designed for adult learners to perfect the English Language skills needed in the context of a professional work environment, covering the core skills of grammar, writing, speaking, and listening. With a comprehensive syllabus, interactive multimedia materials, plus expert tips and advice from a leading business school, Business Result helps learners develop the skills they need quickly and effectively.



Oxford University Press



This course is designed for participants with Intermediate & Upper Intermediate English Language Skills.


Certification Exam

IESOL - Achiever B1

Those who successfully complete this exam will be awarded the City & Guilds IESOL Achiever B1 qualification (International English for Speakers of Other Languages).


About City & Guilds

Established 125 years ago, City & Guilds is the leading vocational awarding body in the UK, awarding almost 50% of all National Vocational Qualifications, and awards over 1,000,000 certificates every year. As the only major awarding body solely dedicated to vocational learning, City & Guilds offers companies worldwide a recognized skills benchmark.


Course Outline


Working with Words

Business Communication

Language at Work

Practically Speaking

Case Study / Activity

1. Connections

Learning Outcomes: Describe Cross-Cultural experiences, report back on research, use tenses appropriately, introduce yourself to a group

Describing cross-cultural experiences

Keep and open mind, read a situation, etc.


Reporting back on research

Tenses review Introducing yourself to a group Planning for expansion

2. Careers

Learning Outcomes: talk about career paths and choices, manage the discussion in a meeting and share ideas, express attitudes to the past, get your point across. 

Comparing career paths and choices

move on to, keep in with, broaden your horizons, etc


Managing the discussion sharing ideas


Expressing attitudes to the past Getting your point across Establishing a career review process

3. Change

Learning Outcomes: discuss working practices, give a formal presentation, speculate about future changes, show understanding  

Discussing working practices

implement, transform, give the option, etc.


Giving a formal presentation

Speculating about the future changes Showing understanding Planning office space

4. Risk

Learning Outcomes: talk about different kinds of risk, take part in a teleconference, reference appropriately, establish rapport and show interest 

Talking about different kinds of risk

predict, minimize, run the risk of risk-averse, etc.


Taking part in a teleconference

Referencing using pronouns Establishing rapport and showing interest tackling risks

5. Teamwork

Learning Outcomes: talk about team relationships, deal with conflict in negations, add emphasis appropriately, respond to feedback

Exploring team relationships

cope with, steer clear of, tread carefully, etc.


Dealing with conflict

Adding emphasis using fronting, cleft sentences, adverbs, and phrases Responding to feedback Developing a teamwork ethos

6. Progress

Learning Outcomes: Discuss factors for success, solve problems and brainstorm ideas during meetings, use adverbs to qualify attitudes appropriately, use vague language.

Discussing factors for success

look beyond undergo change, boost earnings, etc.


Problem-solving Brainstorming Ideas

Using adverbs to Qualify attitudes Using vague language Handling rapid growth and progression

7. Learning

Learning Outcomes: Talk about training and learning, use communication strategies on the telephone, use participle clauses and the future in the past appropriately, express dissatisfaction

Talking about training and learning

performance management, skills deficit, generic training, etc.

Telephoning Communication strategies using participle clauses and 'the future in the past' expressing dissatisfaction Tackling the skills shortage

8. Performance

Learning Outcomes:  talk about employer / employee expectations, give an impromptu presentation, use questions effectively, deal with difficult questions

Discussing employer / employee expectations

make a contribution to, seek out opportunities, show a willingness to..., etc.


Giving an impromptu presentation

Using Questions Dealing with difficult questions Increasing staff and customer satisfaction

9. Resources

Learning Outcomes: talk about resources, discuss options and reach decisions in meetings, use conditionals effectively, deal with misunderstandings

Talking about resources

knowledge base, sustainability, return on investment, etc.


Discussing options and reaching decisions

Using conditionals Dealing with misunderstandings Starting a CSR project

10. Leadership

Learning Outcomes: talk about leadership styles, give a briefing on change at a meeting, use the passive to depersonalize and distance yourself from information, express personal view

Talking about leadership styles

collaborative people-focused, etc


Giving a briefing on change

Distancing and depersonalizing using the passive Expressing personal views Dealing with the challenges of leadership

11. Values

Learning Outcomes: talk about values, reach an agreement in a negotiation, use inversion for emphasis, raise a difficult point

Talking about values

hold ourselves accountable to pride ourselves on etc.


Reaching agreement

Using Inversion for emphasis Raising a difficult point Developing ethically-responsible policies

12. Persuasion

Learning Outcomes: talk about persuasion, give a presentation to sell an idea, use discourse markers appropriately, give a respond to compliments

Talking about how we are persuaded and influenced

appeal to be taken in by, aspirational, materialistic, etc.


Selling an idea

Using discourse markers Giving and responding to compliments Initiating an expansion programme


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