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English Upper-Intermediate

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دورة Business English Upper-Intermediate

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ميزات المعهد - دورات ادارية :

• اختبار تحديد المستوى مجانا

• معهد معتمد من وزارة التربية والتعليم

• محاضرين معتمدين

• شهادة انجاز: تصديق وزارة التربية برسوم إضافية


ضمانات الجودة :

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• ضمان التقييم المجاني

• ضمان إعادة الدورة مجاناً

• ضمان استثمار الموارد البشرية

• التخصيص والملائمة مع الشركة

• ضمان ترقية الإصدار


Course Overview

The Business Result English Upper-Intermediate course materials are designed for adult learners to quickly and effectively master the English Language skills they need in the context of a professional work environment, covering the core skills of grammar, writing, speaking, and listening.



Oxford University Press



This course is designed for participants with Intermediate English Language Skills.


Certification Exam

IESOL - Achiever B1

Those who successfully complete this exam will be awarded the City & Guilds IESOL Achiever B1 qualification (International English for Speakers of Other Languages).


About City & Guilds

Established 125 years ago, City & Guilds is the leading vocational awarding body in the UK, awarding almost 50% of all National Vocational Qualifications, and awards over 1,000,000 certificates every year. As the only major awarding body solely dedicated to vocational learning, City & Guilds offers companies worldwide a recognized skills benchmark.


Course Outline


Working with Words

Language at Work

Practically Speaking

Business Communication

Case Study / Activity

1. First Impressions

Learning Outcomes: Talk about first impressions, introduce yourself by email, make a follow-up call, arrange to meet a business contact, exchange contact details, talk about your work and company.  

Talking about first impressions professionalism, reputation, etc.

Present simple and continuous

Exchanging contact details

Exchanging information introducing your-self by email Making a follow-up call arranging to meet

Making business connections

2. Motivation

Learning Outcomes: Talk about motivation at work, make small talk, exit a conversation politely, use questions to find out information and develop conversation  

Motivation incentive scheme, annual, bonus, staff morale, etc.

Question form review

Exiting a conversation


Making small talk

Solving staffing problems

3. On schedule

Learning Outcomes: talk about managing projects, ask for/give an update in a meeting, make and respond, to suggestions, catch up with colleagues, update on current projects.   

Talking about first impressions professionalism, reputation, etc.

Present Perfect and past simple

Catching up with colleagues


Asking for and giving an update Making and responding to suggestions

Organizing a road show

4. New Ideas

Learning Outcomes: Talk about ideas and innovations, present and idea, product or service, thank someone and respond to thanks, talk about present, past and future ability   

Ideas and innovations technological breakthrough, revolutionary idea, etc; phrasal verbs

Present past and future ability

Thanking and responding


Presenting an idea, product or service

Investing in a new idea

5. Customer Service

Learning Outcomes: Talk about customer service, deal with customers, reassure and sympathize, use direct and indirect questions to deal with customers.  

Customer service

Courteous, sub-standard; exceed, expectations, etc.

Direct and indirect questions

Reassuring and sympathizing

Exchanging information

Dealing with customers

Dealing with customer service problems

6. Ethical business

Learning Outcomes: Talk about ethical business, explain, plans and arrangements, invite and recommend, respond to spontaneous invitations, talk about the future.

Ethical business act responsibly, reduce the impact; credibility, etc.

Talking about the future

Responding to spontaneous invitations

Presenting Explaining plans and arrangements inviting and recommending

Dealing with customer service problems

7. Making decisions

Learning Outcomes: Talk about personality and decision making, participate in a decision-making meeting, talk about social plans, talk about improving service and facilities.

Personality and decision-making rational, instinctive; consider all the options, etc.

Countability Expressing quantity

Talking about social plans


Participating in a decision-making meeting

Resolving an expansion crisis

8. Outsourcing

Learning Outcomes: Talk about outsourcing, present factual information, apologize and respond to apologies, talk about a law or regulation in your country.

Outsourcing offshore location; streamline operation, achieve lower overheads, etc.

The passive

Apologizing and responding


Presenting factual information

Making a case for outsourcing

9. Employees

Learning Outcomes: Talk about changing jobs, talk about ways of keeping staff, negotiate solutions, make and respond to quick requests ,negotiate a secondment

Changing Jobs

Keeping staff

Early retirement, relocation; job mobility, etc.

First and second conditionals

Making and responding to quick requests


Negotiating solutions

Negotiating a repatriation package

10. New Business

Talk about starting up a new business, ask about work and life, ask a favour, avoid saying ‘no’, talk about activities and results

Starting up a new business:

Gap in the market, start-up capital, etc; adverb+ adjective

Present perfect simple and continuous

Avoiding saying ‘no’


Asking about work and life Asking a favour

Using contacts to help in business

11. Communications

Learning Outcomes: Talk about communications, explain procedures, use teleconferencing phrases , deal with situations on the phone, talk about obligations at work

Collaborate with, have access to etc; word families

Modal verbs – Obligations and prohibition

Dealing with situations on the phone


Explaining procedures


Solving a communication problem

12. Change

Learning Outcomes: Talk about change, present future plans, be negative diplomatically, talk about future activities and developments

Talking about change

Resist, react, ambivalent, etc; phrasal verbs

Future continuous future perfect and probability

Being negative diplomatically

Presenting future plans

Increasing operational efficiency

13. Facts and figures

Learning Outcomes: Talk about numbers and trends, ask for an explain factual and numerical information, talk about news at work, report what someone has said

Numbers and trends

Just over, slightly less than; rise substantially etc.

Reported speech review

Talking about news at work

Exchanging Information

Asking for an explaining factual and numerical information

Reaching target markets online

14. Culture 

Learning Outcomes: Talk about cultural differences, narrate past events, give an explanation, talk about films, TV and books, talk about past events

Cultural differences

Hierarchical, risk taking; sensitive to, etc.

Narrative tenses-past continuous, past simple and past perfect.

Talking about films, TV and books

Exchanging information

Narrating past events Giving explanations

Investigating an intercultural communication problem

15. Performance

Learning Outcomes: Talk about staff appraisals, discuss and evaluate performance, make people feel relaxed, talk about hypothetical past events

Staff appraisals monitor

Performance, address issues; assessment criteria, etc.; phrasal verbs

Third and mixed conditionals perfect modals

Making people feel relaxed


Discussing and evaluating performance

Overcoming business setbacks

16. Career breaks

Learning Outcomes: Talk about taking a career break, present a personal case, talk about taking time off, review your situation at work.

Taking a career break

(new) perspective, career development, etc

-ing form and infinitive

Talking about taking time off


Presenting a personal case

Applying for a community placement


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