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Enroll for CCO Certification Training by Vinsys. This Cybersecurity Compliance Officer Certification Training Possesses Both the Knowledge and Practical Skills.
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Course Description:

The rise of cybersecurity concerns brings with it a need for protocol and strategies adapted to rectify these concerns. The rise in security loopholes and protocol has created an urgent need for a next generation course in compliance. The demand for compliance experts is only expected to grow exponentially over the next decade. The Cybersecurity Compliance course is an ideal step-up for security professionals looking to broaden their professional horizons. The phrase Information Security has been replaced by Cybersecurity. The CISO title needs an upgrade to CCO reflecting the changing threat landscape.

The CCO program acts as a steppingstone for becoming an accomplished compliance officer in cybersecurity, who can turn tables at a dynamic organization with the acquired insights.

What will you learn?
The following are the skills that the student will pick up upon enrolling for the course:
  • Communicate risk and need for compliance to organizations and entrepreneurs, brief board members on cyber threats and attacks.
  • Educate owners and managers, and determine which standards are applicable to the specific industry.
  • Enforce guidelines of cyber risk management set in different globally recognized national and international standards and protocols, that are relevant to the industry, whether in banking and finance, healthcare or manufacturing.
  • Appreciate that employee breaches could be a fundamental reason behind cyber risk and generate awareness on the need for ethical adherence to policies.
  • Ensure that business owners, managers and employees understand the ethics and follow best practices for cybersecurity controls.
  • Regular monitoring via internal on-site auditing, reviewing reports and access information, etc.
  • Define third party responsibilities in terms of cyber security procedures and strategize over necessary responses in the event of breach of privacy.
  • Use cybersecurity assessment tools to identify breaches.
  • Assess risk and create well-documented plan of action in case of an attack.
  • Take necessary precautions to address cyber threats and vulnerabilities by generating awareness among stakeholders and leveraging relevant protocols before entering into partnerships.
  • Collaborate with government and policy makers to ensure date protection and compliance.
  • Continuous policy management, innovation and improvement of the compliance programme to keep up with evolving technology and possible threats that emerge subsequently.
  • Review and develop information security policies, oversee vulnerability and penetration tests to avoid system breaches
  • Identify and recommend measures to mitigate threats
  • Design, implement and maintain cyber security plan for the enterprise
  • Develop goals in accordance with regulations, plan ahead and allow for contingencies, become a strategic partner in a company’s cyber risk management practices.
  • Represent national and international laws and regulations for the concerned enterprise, thus keeping it away from possible lawsuits.
  • Prepare and manage compliance keeping in mind future risks.
  • CEOs, COOs, CTOs
  • System administrators
  • Risk Assessment Professionals
  • Information Security Officers
  • Representatives of International
  • Cybersecurity Regulatory Bodies
Eligibility Criteria:
  • A Bachelor’s degree with one year of professional experience or credential in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or other information technology related fields. You will need basic hacking, networking, system administration, and cybersecurity knowledge.
Course Topics:
The modules that are part of the RCIE theory courses:
  • Domain 1: DATA Protection
  • Domain 2: Scanning, Logging and Monitoring
  • Domain 3: Infrastructure Security
  • Domain 4: Extreme Hacking Penetration Testing
  • Domain 5: Cyber Forensics
  • Domain 6: Identity and User Protection
  • Domain 7: Hardware Security
  • Domain 8: Application Security
  • Domain 9: OS Security
  • Domain 10: Governance
  • Domain 11: Frameworks
Course Objectives:
In the CCO program you will learn:
- Cybersecurity assessment across domains
- Risk management
- Compliance with all major regulatory organizations
- Guidelines for cybersecurity controls
- Strategies for global cybersecurity compliance protocols

Key Features:
Course Advisor:
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What is the course duration of CCO?
The course duration for CCO is around 40 hours and will be completed in 5 days.
I have education and work experience, where can I complete the 40 contact hours of CCO?
You can join Vinsys "Cyber security Compliance Officer (CCO)" course at any of the open house session conducted across. If you are looking out to conduct this training in-house (within your office premises), we can facilitate for said service. You may reach us out at, we shall revert to you within 24 hours.
Do you provide certificates on successfully completing the course?
Yes, at the end of the class, you will receive soft copy of course completion certificate on your email which states that you have successfully completed the course.
What all is included in the course?
Along with facilitating training sessions, we provide required course manuals. The candidate will receive a Welcome Kit and login information to access the Members’ Portal.
Who conduct the training sessions?
Training sessions are facilitated by certified experts having practical working experience as well as training experience. Our facilitators have 18 to 30+ years of overall experience.
When will the exam be conducted?
The exam will be held on the last day of the program. It will review your understanding of the course and test your understanding by means of specific objective questions.
How long is the course completion certificate valid?
The certification is valid for 2 years. You can renew the certificate at Accord portal for a certain fee.
What is the Cyber class Web Portal?
The access to an online e-learning platform will be given to attendants on registration. It will contain a series of study videos, pre-recorded lectures, white papers, educational animations and power point presentations. The Web Portal can be used to catch-up on a missed session or to view an attended session again.

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