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Course Overview

The English File Beginner course materials are designed for adult learners to quickly master the 6 skills of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, listening and reading, using the direct method to simplify learning by starting with everyday examples.



Oxford University Press



This course is designed for participants with no English Language Skills.


Certification Exam

IESOL - Preliminary A1

Those who successfully complete this exam will be awarded the City & Guilds IESOL Preliminary A1 qualification (International English for Speakers of Other Languages).


About City & Guilds

Established 125 years ago, City & Guilds is the leading vocational awarding body in the UK, awarding almost 50% of all National Vocational Qualifications, and awards over 1,000,000 certificates every year. As the only major awarding body solely dedicated to vocational learning, City & Guilds offers companies worldwide a recognized skills benchmark.


Course Outline




Grammar: verb be: I and you

Vocabulary: numbers 0-10


Speaking: introducing yourself

Listening: people introducing yourselves

Where are you from?

Grammar: verb be: he, she, it

Vocabulary: countries


Speaking: Where are you from? Where is he from? Where is she from? Where is it from?

Listening: Can you hear the difference?

We're from the USA. We're American.

Grammar: verb be: we, you, they; negatives (all persons)

Vocabulary: nationalities; numbers 11-20


Speaking: talking about nationalities

Listening: understanding a dialogue

Practical English - The alphabet

spelling your name

Vocabulary: classroom language

Listening: People in the street: What's your name? How do you spell it? Where are you from?



What's in your bag?

Grammar: singular and plural nouns; a / an, the

Vocabulary: small things


Speaking: What's in your bag?

Listening: understanding short conversations

Family & Friends

Grammar: possessive adjectives; possessive s

Vocabulary: people and family


Speaking: talking about family & friends

Listening: understanding dialogues

A man's car or a woman's car?

Grammar: adjectives

Vocabulary: colours and common adjectives


Speaking: talking about cars

Listening: song

Reading: What car? - Men and women are different

Practical English - Personal information

introducing people - personal information: age, address, etc.

Vocabulary: phone numbers; numbers 21-100

Listening: People in the street: Do you have brothers and sisters? How old are they?



A bad hair day

Grammar: present simple: I and you

Vocabulary: common verbs 1


Speaking: talking about your lifestyle

Listening: understanding a longer conversation

What do you have for breakfast?

Grammar: present simple: we, you, they

Vocabulary: food and drink


Speaking: food questionnaire

Listening: a radio programme: You are what you eat

Reading: Breakfast in Japan and Hungary

He speaks English at Work

Grammar: present simple: he, she, it

Vocabulary: jobs and places of work


Speaking: talking about people who work

Listening: understanding a dialogue

Reading: English at work

Practical English - What time is it?

telling the time

Vocabulary: days of the week


Listening: People in the street: What do you do? Do you like it? What time do you start and finish?



Do you like mornings?

Grammar: adverbs of frequency; present simple

Vocabulary: a typical day


Speaking: questionnaire: Do you like mornings?

Listening: an interview

Reading: A day in the life of James Blunt

Life at the top of the world

Grammar: word order in questions; question words

Vocabulary: common verbs 2


Speaking: your free time

Listening: your free time

Reading: Hammerfest in winter

You can't park here

Grammar: can / can't: permission and possibility

Vocabulary: common verbs 2


Speaking: Can you...?

Listening: understanding dialogues

Practical English - How much is it?

saying and understanding prices - buying a coffee


Speaking: saying prices

Listening: understanding prices; song; People in the street: Where do you usually have lunch? What do you have? How much is it?



Before they were famous...

Grammar: past simple: be

Vocabulary: in, at, on: places


Speaking: Where were they?

A perfect day?

Grammar: past simple: have, go, get

Vocabulary: irregular verbs; revision of daily routine verbs


Speaking: What did you do yesterday?

Listening: a phone conversation

Reading: One day in history

It changed my life

Grammar: past simple: regular verbs

Vocabulary: common verbs 3; more irregular verbs


Speaking: What did you do this morning / yesterday?, etc.

Reading: I loved, I lived, I cried...

Practical English - What's the date today?

saying the date

Vocabulary: ordinal numbers; months

Listening: People in the street: When's your birthday? What did you do on your last birthday?



On an island in Scotland

Grammar: there is / there are

Vocabulary: hotels; in, on, under


Speaking: Is there a TV? Where is it?

Listening: dialogue: asking about hotel facilities

Reading: Hotels with a difference

Dream town?

Grammar: there was / there were

Vocabulary: places


Speaking: Good or bad holiday?

Listening: Jeff and Kelly's holiday

Reading: One man's dream

Strangers on a train

Grammar: revision of past simple; object pronouns: me, him, etc.

Vocabulary: common verbs 3


Speaking: answering questions about a story

Listening: Strangers on a train

Reading: Strangers on a train

Practical English - What do you think of it?

asking for and giving opinions


Listening: People in the street: What's the last film you saw? What did you think of it?



What do you like doing?

Grammar: like + verb + -ing

Vocabulary: activities


Speaking: What do you like doing?

Reading: Free time

Trip of a lifetime

Grammar: be going to (plans)

Vocabulary: future time expressions


Speaking: future plans: a dream trip

Listening: Liz's trip to South America

What's going to happen?

Grammar: be going to (predictions)

Vocabulary: the weather; revision: verb collocation


Speaking: What's going to happen?

Listening: weather forecast

Practical English - Is there a bank near here?

asking for and giving directions

Vocabulary: prepositions of place


Listening: understanding directions - People in the street: Is there a / an ... near here?

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