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English Conversation Intermediate

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دورة English Conversation Intermediate

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ميزات المعهد - دورات ادارية :

• اختبار تحديد المستوى مجانا

• معهد معتمد من وزارة التربية والتعليم

• محاضرين معتمدين

• شهادة انجاز: تصديق وزارة التربية برسوم إضافية


ضمانات الجودة :

(conditions apply)

• ضمان التقييم المجاني

• ضمان إعادة الدورة مجاناً

• ضمان استثمار الموارد البشرية

• التخصيص والملائمة مع الشركة

• ضمان ترقية الإصدار


Course Overview

If you already speak some English and now would like to speak more like a native, you've found the right training course. One of the keys to speaking like a native is the ability to use and understand casual expressions, or Idioms. American English is full of idioms. You won't learn these expression in a standard textbook. But you will hear them all the time in everyday conservations. You'll also meet them in books, newspapers, magazines, and TV shows. This training course will help you understand and use idioms better. It comes over 300 of today's most common idioms.



Pre-Intermediate English Language


Course Outline




Main Characters


Lesson 1: Bob's Days at Work


Lesson 2: Bob Returns Home with Bad News


Lesson 3: Ted's Day at School


Lesson 4: Nicole's Day at School


Lesson 5: Ted Goes out for the evening


Review : Lessons 1-5


Lesson 6: Susan Stays Home and Bakes Cookies


Lesson 7: Susan Hires Bob to Run Her Business


Lesson 8: Ted Forms a Rock Band


Lesson 9: Nicole For President


Lesson 10: Bob Visits the Village Market


Review : Lessons 6-10


Lesson 11: Bob Drives a Hard Bargain


Lesson 12: Bob's Big Cookie Order


Lesson 13: Amber Comes Over to Bake Cookies


Lesson 14: Amber and Ted Heat Up the Kitchen


Lesson 15: Nicole Practices Her Election Speech


Review : Lessons 11-15


Lesson: 16 Bob Brings the Cookies to the Village Market


Lesson: 17 Carol Tells Bob the Good News


Lesson: 18 Everyone Bakes Cookies


Lesson: 19 Nicole's Close Election


Lesson: 20 Bob Gets an Angry Call from Carol


Review : Lessons 16 - 20


Lesson: 21 Susan Gets a Surprise Call


Lesson: 22 Susan shares the Good News


Lesson: 23 Bob Has a Surprise Visitor


Lesson: 24 Amber Writes a Song


Lesson: 25 Ted Brings Home More Good News


Review: Lessons 21-25


Challenge Crossword Puzzle

Answer key


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