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Course Overview

This course prepares candidates for the TOEFL iBT exam.



Business English Pre Intermediate

With Business English Pre Intermediate language skills and the TOEFL iBT course, candidates can aim to achieve an estimated TOEFL score of at least 79-80


Course Outline


CHAPTER 1 Introducing the TOEFL iBT

All About the TOEFL Test
How to Use This Book
All About the TOEFL iBT
- Why is the TOEFL test changing?
- What are the main features of the TOEFL iBT?
- Format of the TOEFL iBT
- Question Types

- Tool Bar
- Overview of the TOEFL iBT Reading Section
- Overview of the TOEFL iBT Listening Section
- Overview of the TOEFL iBT Writing Section
- Overview of the TOEFL iBT Speaking Section
- About your scores
Test Preparation Tips from ETS
Registering for the TOEFL iBT
Questions Frequently Asked by Students



TOEFL iBT Reading Passages
TOEFL iBT Reading Questions
- Basic Information and Inferencing Questions
- Reading to Learn Questions
Improving Your Performance on TOEFL iBT Reading Questions.
Reading Practice Sets
- Practice Set 1
- Practice Set 2
- Practice Set 3
- Practice Set 4
- Practice Set 5
- Practice Set 6
Practice TOEFL iBT Reading Section
- Answer Key and Explanations


CHAPTER 3 TOEFL iBT Listening.

TOEFL iBT Listening Materials
- Conversations
- Lectures
TOEFL iBT Listening Questions
- Basic Comprehension Questions
- Pragmatic Understanding Questions
- Connecting Information Questions
How to Sharpen Your Listening Skills

Listening Practice Sets
- Practice Set 1
- Practice Set 2
- Practice Set 3
- Practice Set 4
- Practice Set 5
Practice TOEFL iBT Listening Section
- Answer Key, Listening Scripts and Explanations



Introduction to the Speaking Section
Speaking Question Types
- Independent: Questions 1 and 2
- Integrated Listening / Reading / Speaking : Questions 3 and 4
- Integrated Listening / Speaking : Questions 5 AND 6
Strategies for Raising Your TOEFL Speaking Score
Practice TOEFL iBT Speaking Section
- Listening Scripts and Sample Responses with Rater's Comments
TOEFL iBT Speaking Score Rubric
Frequently Asked Questions about TOEFL Speaking



Introduction to the Writing Section
The Integrated Writing Task
- How the Task is Phrased
- Strategies for Raising your Score on the Integrated Writing Task
- Integrated Writing Scoring Rubric
- Sample Scored Responses for the Integrated Writing Task
The Independent Writing Task
- Essay-Writing Tips
- How Essays are Scored
- Independent Writing Scoring Rubric
- Sample Scored Responses for the Independent Writing Task
The Independent Writing Topics
- Topic List
Practice TOEFL iBT Writing Section
- Listening Script, Explanations and Samples Responses


CHAPTER 6 Writer's Handbook for English Language Learners

Organization and Development
Advice to Writers
Revising, Editing, and Proofreading


APPENDIX 1 TOEFL® iBT Score Information


APPENDIX 2 English Language Competency Descriptors

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