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About this course


Four Corners is a course in American English that integrates a framework on measurable learning outcomes with a tried-and-true communicative approach.



Table of Contents

Each of the twelve units in each level of Four Corners follows the same sequence. Units are divided into four main lessons marked as follows:

Lesson A - presents and practices first set of vocabulary items and first grammar point of the unit.

Lesson B - presents and practices the functional language.

Lesson C - presents and practices second set of vocabulary items and second grammar point of the unit.

Lesson D - practices the skills of reading, writing, speaking (and sometimes listening).

Each unit starts out with a Warm-up page which introduces students to the topic and activates schema. Units end with a Wrap-up page which is used to review the target language, and helps students find examples of English in the real world.


This course is designed for participants with Pre-intermediate English Language Skills.

Scope and Sequence chart


Learning outcomes



Classroom language Page 2




Unit 1 Pages 3–12





A I’m taking six classes.

B You’re not allowed to . . .

C My behavior

D Alternative education

Students can . . .

ask and talk about routines

express prohibition and obligation

ask and talk about feelings and reactions

discuss advantages and disadvantages

Simple present vs.

present continuous

Zero conditional

School subjects

Feelings and emotions

Unit 2 Pages 13–22




Personal stories

A What were you doing?

B Guess what!

C I was really frightened!

D How embarrassing!

Students can . . .

describe what was happening in the past

announce news

close a conversation

tell personal stories

describe embarrassing moments

Past continuous vs.

simple past

Participial adjectives

Sentence adverbs

Verbs to describe


Unit 3 Pages 23–32




Style and fashion

A Fashion trends

B Does this come in . . . ?

C The latest look

D Views on fashion

Students can . . .

ask about and describe past fashions

ask where something is in a store

ask for a specific product

express opinions about style and fashion

ask and talk about current fashions

Used to

Defining relative clauses

Fashion statements

Clothing styles

Unit 4 Pages 33–42




Interesting lives

A Have you ever been on TV?

B What I mean is, . . .

C Life experiences

D What a life!

Students can . . .

ask and talk about life experiences

check and clarify meaning

describe details of their experiences

ask and talk about a memorable experience

Present perfect

Present perfect vs.

simple past


Fun things to do

Unit 5 Pages 43–52




Our world

A Older, taller, and more famous

B I don't believe it!

C World geography

D Natural wonders

Students can . . .

compare human-made structures

express disbelief

say that they don’t know something

ask and talk about geographical features

describe natural wonders in their country


Not as . . . as


Human-made wonders

Geographical features

Unit 6 Pages 53–62




Organizing your time

A A busy week

B Can I take a message?

C Can you do me a favor?

D Time management

Students can . . .

ask and talk about weekend plans

offer to take a message

leave a message

make requests, promises, and offers

discuss ways to manage time effectively

Present tenses used for



Promises and offers with




Unit 7 Pages 63–72





A You’re extremely curious.

B In my opinion, . . .

C We’ve been friends for six years.

D What is your personality?

Students can . . .

talk about personality traits

give an opinion

ask for agreement

describe people’s personalities

talk about their personality

Adverbs modifying

adjectives and verbs

Present perfect with

for and since

Personality traits

More personality traits

Unit 8 Pages 73–82




The environment

A Going green

B I’d rather not say.

C What will happen?

D Finding solutions

Students can . . .

discuss environmental problems

give an approximate answer

avoid answering

talk about future possibilities

discuss solutions to problems


First conditional

Environmental impacts

Tips to help the


Unit 9 Pages 83–92





A Healthy relationships

B I’m really sorry.

C That can’t be the problem.

D Getting advice

Students can . . .

discuss what’s important in relationships

apologize and give excuses

accept an apology

speculate about people

give advice about relationships

It’s . . . expressions

Expressions with


Modals for speculating

Relationship behaviors

Inseparable phrasal


Unit 10 Pages 93–102




Living your life

A He taught himself.

B I’ll give it some thought.

C What would you do?

D What an accomplishment!

Students can . . .

talk about themselves and their experiences

advise against something

consider advice

talk about imaginary situations

ask and talk about accomplishments

Reflexive pronouns

Second conditional

Qualities for success

Separable phrasal verbs

Unit 11 Pages 103–112





A Music trivia

B The first thing you do is . . .

C Music and me

D Thoughts on music

Students can . . .

talk about music

give instructions

talk about things they’ve done recently

talk about memorable songs

Past passive

Present perfect with yet

and already

Compound adjectives

Verb and noun formation

Unit 12 Pages 113–122




On vacation

A Travel preferences

B Don’t forget to . . .

C Rules and recommendations

D Seeing the sights

Students can . . .

discuss travel preferences

ask about preferences

remind someone of something

talk about rules and recommendations

describe their dream trip


Modals for necessity and


Vacation activities

Extreme sports

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