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About this course


Four Corners is a course in American English that integrates a framework on measurable learning outcomes with a tried-and-true communicative approach.



Table of Contents

Each of the twelve units in each level of Four Corners follows the same sequence. Units are divided into four main lessons marked as follows:

Lesson A - presents and practices first set of vocabulary items and first grammar point of the unit.

Lesson B - presents and practices the functional language.

Lesson C - presents and practices second set of vocabulary items and second grammar point of the unit.

Lesson D - practices the skills of reading, writing, speaking (and sometimes listening).

Each unit starts out with a Warm-up page which introduces students to the topic and activates schema. Units end with a Wrap-up page which is used to review the target language, and helps students find examples of English in the real world.


This course is designed for participants with Intermediate English Language Skills.

Scope and Sequence chart


Learning outcomes



Classroom language Page 2




Unit 1 Pages 3–12




The news

A Stories in the news

B I totally agree.

C Survival stories

D Creating news

Students can . . .

tell news stories

agree and disagree with opinions

ask questions and talk about a news story

discuss a news story

Verb tenses


News sections

Actions in the news

Unit 2 Pages 13–22





A Language learning

B One possibility is . . .

C Have her text me.

D Modern communication

Students can . . .

give and discuss language-learning tips

express interests

offer options

talk about ways of communicating

discuss their communication preferences

Present perfect


Verb + object + verb

Language learning-tips

Communicate . . . or not?

Unit 3 Pages 23–32





A Street food

B Sounds good to me.

C Mix and bake

D Chocolate!

Students can . . .

discuss how they would react to a situation

express and acknowledge expectations

talk about past hypothetical situations

discuss ways to be kind

Second conditional

Past modals for

hypothetical situations

Polite and impolite


Word partners

Unit 4 Pages 33–42





A The right thing to do

B I didn’t realize that.

C Doing things differently

D Acts of kindness

Students can . . .

discuss how they would react to a situation

express and acknowledge expectations

talk about past hypothetical situations

discuss ways to be kind

Second conditional

Past modals for

hypothetical situations

Polite and impolite


Word partners

Unit 5 Pages 43–52




Travel and tourism

A Cities

B I’ll let someone know.

C Travel experiences

D My town, the best town

Students can . . .

make comparisons about cities

report and respond to a problem

report commands and advice

discuss ideas for a festival in their town

Comparative and


Reporting commands and


Compound adjectives

Travel talk

Unit 6 Pages 53–62




The way we are

A Who are you?

B Sorry, but can I ask something?

C Wishing for change

D Alternative therapies

Students can . . .

talk about character traits

interrupt politely

agree to an interruption

talk about present wishes

discuss ways to relax

Defining relative clauses


Character traits

Tips to manage stress

Unit 7 Pages 63–72




New ways of thinking

A Inventions

B Got any suggestions?

C Accidental inventions

D Making life easier

Students can . . .

describe important inventions

elicit ideas

suggest solutions

discuss how things have been improved

describe something they invented

So and such


Positive and negative


Verb and noun formation

Unit 8 Pages 73–82




Lessons in life

A Why did I do that?

B I’m sure you’ll do fine.

C What if . . . ?

D A day to remember

Students can . . .

describe events in the past

express worry

reassure someone

talk about how things might have been

describe a memorable day

Past perfect

Third conditional

Prefixes: mis-, dis-, and


Expressions with make

and get

Unit 9 Pages 83–92




Can you explain it?

A Everyday explanations

B I’m pretty sure that . . .

C History’s mysteries

D Explanations from long ago

Students can . . .

speculate about everyday situations

express probability and improbability

ask and speculate about historical events

tell a story from their culture

Past modals for


Embedded questions

Suffixes: -ful and -less

Mysterious events

Unit 10 Pages 93–102





A A traffic accident

B As I was saying, . . .

C There’s always an explanation.

D Thoughts, values, and experiences

Students can . . .

report what people say

change and return to the topic

report what people ask

discuss thoughts and values

Reported statements

Reported yes / no


Three-word phrasal


Verbs + prepositions

Unit 11 Pages 103–112




The real world

A Getting it done

B Let me see . . .

C Future goals

D My career

Students can . . .

talk about getting things done

take time to think in an interview

close an interview

ask and talk about future goals

discuss future careers

Causative get and have

Future continuous vs.

future with will

Word partners

Setting goals

Unit 12 Pages 113–122




Finding solutions

A Environmental concerns

B That’s a good point.

C My community

D Getting involved

Students can . . .

discuss environmental trends

support and not support an opinion

discuss ways to improve their community

discuss ways to raise awareness

Present continuous


Infinitive passive

Linking words

Preventing pollution



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