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HTML 4 - Levels 1-2 Course

1 Day Instructor Led Course - 7 Contact Hours
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Center Benefits :

• UAE Ministry of Education Accredited Institute

• International Curriculum

• Certified Instructors

• Computer Labs: 1 PC for each student

• Certificate of Achievement (Ministry Attestation fees apply)


Training Quality Guarantees :

(conditions apply)

• Free Course Trial

• Free Course Repeat

• Corporate HR Investment Guarantee

• Corporate Customization

• Course Version Upgrade

Level 1 Course Outline


Introduction to HTML
HyperText Markup Language
HTML Syntax
HTML Editors
Review Questions

Developing a Web Site
Designing a Web Site
File Types and File Structure
Understanding Colors
Review Questions

HTML Documents
Creating HTML Documents
Adding Meta Data
Customizing Page Properties
Working with HTML Documents
Review Questions

Working with Text
Formatting Text
Formatting Text Blocks
Working with Lists
Review Questions

Graphics for the Web
Text and Images
Review Questions

Working with Links
Image Maps
Review Questions

Working with Tables
Formatting Tables
Formatting Cells
Page Layout with Tables
Review Questions


Level 2 Course Outline


Using Frames
Creating Framed Pages
Formatting Framed pages
Displaying Linked Pages in Frames
Review Questions

Using Forms
Using Text Fields
Using Checkboxes
Using Radio Buttons
Using Menus
Using Other Form Objects
Review Questions

Working with Multimedia Objects
Using Animated Images
Adding Movies
Adding Sound
Adding Shockwave and Flash Files
Review Questions

Java Applets
ActiveX Controls
Client-Side Scripts
Review Questions

Documentation and Testing
Working with HTML Source Code
Testing Web Sites
Valid HTML
Review Questions

Web Site Management
Introduction to Site Management
Working with Web Sites
Uploading Web Sites
Review Questions

Extending HTML
Cascading Style Sheets
Dynamically Generated Web Pages
Internet Resources

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