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Understanding Costs and Budgets in an Organisation

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ILM Understanding Costs and Budgets in an Organisation Course 8600-324

1 Day Instructor Led Course - 7 Contact Hours




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Course Objectives

When you have completed this workbook you will be better able to:
- identify different costs and how they behave
- appreciate how important it is to control costs
- understand how standard costing techniques help to control costs
- use different methods for controlling and reducing costs
- understand what a budget is and how they are used
- help to draw up workable budgets
- use some budgetary control techniques


Assessment Criteria

Know how to work to a budget
1.1 Explain the importance of agreeing to a budget and operating within it
1.2 Describe a method to monitor variance between actual performance and budget
1.3 Explain how information used in determining and/or revising budgets is gathered

Understand costs within an organization
1.1 Explain fixed and variable costs; and the concept of break even in relation to the organization
1.2 Explain the purpose and nature of basic cost statements
1.3 Explain the value of standard costing and its role as a control mechanism
1.4 Briefly describe mechanisms in the organization to maintain control of costs

International Curriculum

Unit 3.27 - Official ILM Curriculum, Institute of Leadership & Management


Course Outline

1. An Introduction to budgeting

2. Objectives of budgeting

3. The budget cycle

4. Constructing a budget

5. Negotiating a budget

6. Incremental budgeting

7. Zero based budgeting

8. Budgetary control

9. Budget preparation

10. Variance analysis

11. Performance management


1. An Introduction to cost control

2. Cost classification

3. Cost elements

4. Direct and indirect costs

5. Fixed and variable costs

6. Break-even analysis

7. Overhead costs

8. Cost centres

9. Profit centres

10 Standard costing

11. Cost control mechanisms