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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

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دورات Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013

ساعات تدريبية لكل مستوى 10 - 7






ميزات المعهد - دورات مايكروسوفت اوفيس :
- اختبار تحديد المستوى مجانا
- معهد معتمد من وزارة التربية والتعليم
- مناهج عالمية
- محاضرين معتمدين
- المخابر: جهاز كمبيوتر لكل طالب
- شهادة انجاز: تصديق وزارة التربية برسوم إضافية


(conditions apply)

• ضمان التقييم المجاني

• ضمان إعادة الدورة مجاناً

• ضمان استثمار الموارد البشرية

• التخصيص والملائمة مع الشركة

• ضمان ترقية الإصدار





Using PowerPoint 2013
Opening PowerPoint 2013
Opening a Presentation
Navigating between Slides
Using the Zoom Tool
Changing PowerPoint Views
Using Help
Searching For Help
Using the Help Table of Contents
Saving a Presentation
Closing a Presentation
Closing PowerPoint
Opening Multiple Presentations
Switching between Multiple Presentations


Creating a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation
Creating a New Presentation
Inserting a New Slide
Recommended Techniques When Creating Slide Content
Undo and Redo
Saving a Presentation
Saving a Presentation Using a Different Name


Manipulating Slides within PowerPoint 2013
Inserting Slides with a Particular Slide Layout
Modifying the Slide Layout
Changing the Background Colour on the Active Slide
Changing Background Colour on All the Slides within a Presentation


PowerPoint 2013 Design Themes
Applying a Theme to a Presentation
Modifying the Theme Colours
Modifying the Theme Fonts


Text Boxes (Placeholders)
Editing Text Boxes (Placeholders)
Resizing a Text Box (Placeholder)
Moving a Text Box (Placeholder)


Manipulating Text in PowerPoint 2013
Selecting Text
Moving Text within a Slide
Moving Text between Slides within a Presentation or between Presentations
Copying Text within a Slide
Copying Text between Slides within a Presentation or between Presentations
Deleting Text
Using Find
Using Replace


Font Formatting within PowerPoint 2013
Font Formatting Options
Changing the Font Type
Changing Font Size
Increasing or Decreasing the Font Size
Bold, Italic or Underline Formatting
Strikethrough Effects
Shadow Effects
Character Spacing
Changing Case
Font Colour
Clearing All Text Formatting

Paragraph Formatting within PowerPoint 2013
Text Alignment
Modifying Bullet Point Formatting
Using Numbering Instead of Bullet Points
Changing the List Level
Indenting Bulleted Text
Line Spacing Vs. Paragraph Spacing
Line Spacing
Paragraph Spacing
Using Outline View
PowerPoint Presenter Notes
Text Direction
Text Alignment within a Text Box (Placeholder)
Text AutoFit
Using the Format Painter


Tables and PowerPoint 2013
Table Selection Techniques
Column Selection
Row Selection
Entire Table Selection
Creating a Table
Applying a Style to a Table
Cell Background Shading
Applying Table Effects
Adding 'Quick Styles' to Selected Text
Applying Borders to Cells
Deleting a Column
Deleting a Row
Inserting Rows or Columns
Modifying Column Width and Row Height
Distributing Rows and Columns


PowerPoint 2013 & Illustrations
Selecting an Illustration
Selecting Multiple Illustrations
Moving an Illustration
Copying an Illustration
Deleting an Illustration
Resizing an Illustration
Stretching an Illustration
Copying Illustrations between Presentations
Moving Illustrations between Presentations
Inserting Illustrations within PowerPoint
Inserting Pictures from Your Hard Disk
Inserting Online Pictures or Clip Art
Inserting Shapes
Inserting Text into a Shape
Inserting Perfect Circles or Perfect Squares
Inserting a Line
Inserting a Free Drawn Line
Inserting an Arrow
Inserting a Text Box
Inserting SmartArt


Manipulating Illustrations within PowerPoint
Formatting the Shape Background Fill Colour Style
Applying a Shadow to an Illustration
Modifying Arrow Line Shapes and Size
Rotating or Flipping an Illustration
Rotating Illustrations by Dragging With the Mouse
Layering Illustrations to the Front or Back
Aligning Graphics Relative to Each Other or Relative to the Slide
Aligning Shapes Relative to the Left of a Slide
Aligning Shapes Relative to the Centre of a Slide
Aligning Shapes Relative to the Right of a Slide
Aligning Shapes Relative to the Top of a Slide
Aligning Shapes Relative to the Bottom of a Slide
Grouping and Ungrouping Objects


Charts in PowerPoint 2013
Inserting Charts and Editing the Chart Data
Changing the Chart Type
Changing the Background Colour in the Chart
Changing the Column, Bar, Line or Pie Slice Colours in the Chart
Chart Title Manipulation
Adding Data Labels to a Chart


Manipulating Slides within PowerPoint 2013
Moving Slides within a Presentation or between Presentations
Copying Slides within a Presentation
Deleting a Slide or Slides
Copying Slides between Presentations
Moving Slides between Presentations


PowerPoint 2013 Slide Masters
What Is a Slide Master?
Inserting a Picture (Clipart) Into a Master Slide
Removing a Picture or Shape from a Master Slide


Headers, Footers and Slide Numbering
Creating a Footer
Automatic Slide Numbering
Inserting Dates into the Footer


PowerPoint 2013 Slide Shows
Running a Slide Show
Adding Slide Show Transition Effects
Removing Transition Effects
Adding Slide Show Animation Effects
Modifying Slide Show Animation Effects
Removing Animation Effects
Hiding Slides
Displaying Hidden Slides within a Slide Show


Video Creation Using PowerPoint 2013
Inserting Hyperlinks into Slides
Converting a PowerPoint Presentation into a Video
Uploading a Video to YouTube


Printing and Proofing In PowerPoint 2013
Spell-Checking a Presentation
Using Portrait or Landscape Slide Orientation
Switching between Standard and Widescreen Formats
Selecting Your Output Format
Visually Inspect Each Slide before Printing
Printing Options
Setting the Number of Copies to Print
Selecting a Different Printer
Printing Selected Slides
Setting the Number of Slides per Page to Be Printed
Single or Double Sided (Duplex) Printing
To Print a Presentation



PowerPoint 2013 Customising and Compatibility Issues
Modifying PowerPoint Options
Compatibility Issues When Saving a Presentation
Other File Types You Can Use When Saving a Presentation
Saving a Presentation as a Template
Creating a New Presentation Based on a Customised Template


PowerPoint 2013 Sections
Creating & Renaming Sections
Collapsing & Expanding Sections
Reordering Sections
Removing Sections and Slides
Removing Sections


PowerPoint 2013 Slide Masters
Inserting Slide Masters
Editing a Customised Slide Master
Using Customised Slide Masters


PowerPoint 2013 Themes
Applying Themes
Modifying a Theme and Saving It as a New Theme
Setting a Theme as the Default Theme
Deleting a Theme
Creating and Saving a New Presentation Template
Modifying a Template


Formatting Pictures within PowerPoint 2013
Removing a Picture Background
Colouring Pictures
Artistic Effects
Picture Styles
Picture Brightness and Contrast
Compressing Pictures
Resetting a Picture
SmartArt & Pictures


Manipulating Graphics within PowerPoint
Ruler and Gridlines
Snapping to the Grid and Grid Spacing
Positioning a Graphic Relative to the Top-Left Corner of a Slide
Distributing Graphics Horizontally on a Slide
Distributing Graphics Vertically on a Slide
Cropping a Graphic
Re-Scaling Pictures
Converting a Clip Art Picture to an AutoShape and Then Editing the AutoShape
Saving a Graphic as a Graphics File
Applying a Background Graphic to a Single Slide
Hiding the Background Graphic on a Single Slide
Applying a Background Graphic to Multiple Slides
Hiding the Background Graphics on Multiple Slides
Applying a Background Graphic to Every Slide
Hiding the Background Graphic on Every Slide


Formatting AutoShapes in PowerPoint 2013
AutoShape Background Fill Effects
AutoShape Transparency Effects
AutoShape Shape Effects
AutoShape Format Painter
AutoShape Defaults




Diagrams within PowerPoint 2013
Creating and Formatting an Organisation Chart
Creating a Cycle Diagram
Creating a Pyramid Diagram
Creating a Flowchart Using ‘Shapes’
Editing Flowchart Shapes and Connectors


Charts in PowerPoint 2013
Chart Title
Chart Legend
Data Labels
Axes Labels
Changing Chart Type
Chart Gap and Overlaps
Using Images in Chart Columns or Rows
Formatting the Plot and Chart Area Using Graphics
Axis Scales


PowerPoint 2013 Video and Audio
Using Video
Changing the Brightness and Contrast of a Video
Re-Colouring a Video
Adding a Poster Frame Image to a Video
Resetting a Video
Applying a Video Style
Playing a Video in a Shape
Changing the Colour and Weight of a Video Border
Applying Special Effects to a Video
Trimming Video
Video Looping
Using Audio


PowerPoint 2013 Animation
Applying Animation Effects
Animation Triggers
Using the Animation Painter
Creating Custom Animation Effects
Modifying Custom Animation Settings
Changing the Custom Animation Sequence
Using Custom Animation to Fade Bulleted Paragraphs
Animating Chart Columns by Series
Animating, or Not Animating, the Chart Grid and Legend
Animating SmartArt

Linking and Embedding In PowerPoint 2013
Action Buttons - Linking to a Different Slide
Action Buttons - Linking to a Specific Slide
Action Buttons - Linking to a URL
Action Buttons - Linking to Custom Shows
Action Buttons - Linking to a Different File
Linking Data into a Slide and Displaying As an Icon Object
Linking and Updating Objects
Breaking a Link
Inserting a Link to a Graphics File
Embedding Data into a Slide and Displaying It as an Object
Editing or Deleting Embedded Data


Hyperlinks and PowerPoint 2013
Creating and Editing Hyperlinks


Merging, Comparing & Exporting within PowerPoint 2013
Merging All the Slides from One Presentation into another Presentation
Merging a Microsoft Word Outline into a Presentation
Comparing Presentations
Saving a Slide as a Separate Graphics File
Using the Screen Shot Feature


PowerPoint 2013 Slide Shows
Creating Custom Slide Shows
Editing a Custom Slide Show
Copying and Deleting Custom Slide Shows
Slide Show Transitions and Timings
Controlling Slide Show Looping
Applying Settings So That Slides Advance Manually
Setting a Slide Show to Use Timings
Enabling or Disabling Slide Show Animations
Controlling a Slide Show


Sharing PowerPoint 2013 Presentations
Marking As Final
Permissions – Encrypting With a Password
Converting a Presentation to a Video
Packing for a CD
Saving As a PDF Format


PowerPoint 2013 Presentation Design & Compatibility Issues
Planning Your Presentation
Turn Off Your Computer Screen Saver
Issues Relating to Presentation Timing
Using Graphics, Diagrams and Charts to Convey Ideas
Limiting the Level of Detail within a Presentation
Using a Consistent Design Scheme and Adequate Colour Contrast
Accessibility Considerations When Designing a Presentation
Using Alt (Alternative) Text Tags
The Accessibility Checker
The Document Inspector
The Compatibility Checker


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