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The Microsoft Word 2013 Screen
Starting Microsoft Word 2013
The Microsoft Word 2013 Opening Screen
To Create a New Blank Document
The Levels of Command Organisation
The File Tab
Ribbon Tabs
Dialog Box Launcher


Starting to Use Microsoft Word 2013
Using the Default Microsoft Word Document
Saving Microsoft Word Documents
Opening and Closing Documents
Save As
Creating a New, Blank Document Using a Keyboard Shortcut
Using Help within Microsoft Word
Alt Key Help
Closing Microsoft Word


Using Templates to Create Documents
Creating New Documents Using Different Templates
Using Online Templates


Manipulating Text
Select, Then Format
Selecting Text
Inserting, Deleting, Undo and Redo
Insert and Overtype Mode
Copying Text within a Document
Moving (Cutting) Text within a Document


Pining Files and Folders and Opening Documents
Recently Open Documents
Viewing a Document Where You Left Off


Microsoft Word 2013 Text Formatting
What Is Text Formatting?
Font Type
Font Size
Decrease and Increase Font Size Icons
Font Size Keyboard Shortcut
Bold, Italic and Underline
Subscript and Superscript
Case Changing
Font Colour
Copying Text Formatting
Removing Formatting
Using Zoom
Inserting Special Characters and Symbols


Microsoft Word 2013 Paragraph Formatting
Paragraph Marks
Soft Paragraph (Line Break) Marks
Recommended Techniques for Aligning and Indenting Text
Aligning Text
Indenting Paragraphs
Applying Single or Double Line Spacing within Paragraphs
Applying Spacing Above or Below Paragraphs
Using Paragraph Spacing Rather Than Using the Return Key
Applying Bullets to a List
Applying Numbering a List
Modifying Bullet and Numbering Formatting
Removing Bullet or Numbering Formatting


Borders and Shading within Microsoft Word
Using Borders and Shading
Adding a Border
Modifying Borders
Adding Shading
Modifying Your Shading
Applying Borders to Selected Text


Tab Stops
Displaying the Ruler
Setting and Removing Tabs Using the Ruler
Viewing Tab Marks Using the Show/Hide Icon


Microsoft Word 2013 Styles
What Are Styles?
Applying Styles


Using Word 2013 Design Themes
Applying a Theme Colour
Apply a Customised Font


Microsoft Word 2013 Page Formatting
What Is Page Formatting?
Page Orientation and Paper Size
Changing the Page Size
Page Margins
Inserting Page Breaks
Deleting Page Breaks
Use Page Breaks Rather Than Repeatedly Pressing the Return Key
Headers and Footers
Easy Header and Footer Creation
Page Numbering
Header and Footer Fields
Editing Text within a Header or Footer
Cover Pages
Applying Automatic Hyphenation


Word 2013 Views and Document Navigation
Switching between Word Views
Using the Zoom Tool
Navigating Through Documents


Using Tables
Inserting a Table
Navigating within a Table
Selecting and Editing Text within a Table
Selecting Cells, Rows, Columns or the Entire Table
Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Modifying Column Width or Row Height
Modifying the Table Width
Modifying Table Styles

Using Illustrations within Microsoft Word
Types of Illustrations That You Can Insert within Word 2013
Inserting Pictures
Inserting Online Pictures
Inserting Shapes
Inserting SmartArt
Inserting a Chart
Modifying the Chart Type
Modifying the Chart Style
Modifying the Chart Data
Inserting a Screenshot
Selecting, Resizing and Deleting Illustrations
Copying or Moving Graphics


Finding and Replacing Text within a Microsoft 2013 Document
Using Find and Replace
Finding Text
Replacing Text


Using Multiple Open Documents
Multitasking With Word 2013
Switching between Open Documents
Tiling or Cascading Documents on Your Screen
Comparing Documents Side By Side
Copying or Moving Selected Items between Documents


Microsoft Word 2013 Mail Merge
What Is Mail Merging?
Starting the Mail Merge Wizard
Creating a Mailing List to Be Used within a Mail Merge
Merging a Mailing List to Produce Labels



Customising Word 2013
Customising Microsoft Word
Setting the User Name
Setting the Default Opening and Saving Folder


Proofing and Printing within Word 2013
The Importance of Proofing
Spell Checking a Document
Adding Words to the Built-In Custom Dictionary
Removing a Word from the Spell Checking Dictionary
Printing Options
Selecting a Printer
Selecting What to Print
Setting the Number of Copies to Print
Setting the Pages per Sheet
Previewing and Printing a Document


Word 2013 Compatibility Mode
What Is Compatibility Mode?
Using the Convert Button


Advanced Paragraph Formatting In Word
Line Spacing Formatting Options
Using the Widow/Orphan Control
Using ‘Keep Lines Together’
Using the 'Keep With Next' Option
Using ‘Page Break Before’
Applying and Modifying Multilevel List Formatting


Advanced Picture Manipulation in Word
Compatibility Mode & Picture Editing
Screen Shot of Complete Application Window
Clipping Screen Shots
Screen Shots Using the Keyboard
Picture Tools
Removing a Background
Picture Corrections
Picture Colour
Picture Artistic Effects
Compressing Pictures
Resetting Pictures
Picture Styles
Picture Borders
Cropping a Picture


Word 2013 and Sections
What Are Section Breaks?
Inserting 'Next Page' Section Breaks
Inserting 'Odd Page' Section Breaks
Changing the Section Break Type
Deleting Section Breaks
Changing Page Orientation within Sections
Changing Margins within Sections


Headers, Footers and Sections
Applying Different Headers and Footers to Each Section within a Document
Applying Different Headers and Footers to the First Page
Applying Different Headers and Footers to Odd and Even Pages


Watermarks and Word 2013
Adding a Pre-Defined Watermark
Adding a Custom Text Watermark
Removing a Watermark
Modifying a Text Watermark
Adding a Picture Watermark


Advanced Table Manipulation within Word
Table Styles
Merging Cells within a Table
Splitting Cells within a Table
Modifying Cell Alignment
Modifying Cell Margins
Modifying Text Direction within Cells
Repeating the Table Heading Row for Multi-Page Tables
Controlling Row Breaking Across Pages
Performing a Single Column Sort
Multilevel Sorting
Converting Delimited Text to a Table
Converting a Table to Text


Manipulating Styles in Word 2013
What Are Styles?
Applying Styles
Types of Styles
Creating a Paragraph Style
Creating a Character Style
Modifying a Style
Enabling Automatic Style Updating
Deleting a Style


Text Wrapping and Pictures
Applying 'In Line' Picture Text Wrapping
Applying 'Square' Wrapping Picture Formatting
Applying 'Tight' Picture Wrapping
Applying 'Behind Text' Picture Wrapping
Applying 'In Front of Text' Picture Wrapping
Applying Wrapping to an AutoShape
Applying Wrapping Formatting to a Chart
Applying Wrapping Formatting to a Photograph
Applying Wrapping Formatting to a Diagram
Text Wrapping Options within Microsoft Word Tables


Using Columns within Word 2013
Applying Column Formatting to an Entire Document
Applying Column Formatting to Just ‘Selected Text’
Changing Number of Columns within a Column Layout
Changing Column Widths and Spacing
Using Pre-Set Column Formatting
Inserting and Removing Lines between Columns
Inserting Column Breaks
Deleting Column Breaks


Autocorrect in Word 2013
Creating, Modifying and Deleting an Autocorrect Entry


Building Blocks
Creating and Inserting Building Block Items
Modifying a Building Block Item
Deleting a Building Block Item

Advanced Find and Replace Features
Smart Ways of Using the 'Find and Replace' Facility
Advanced Find and Replace Options Using Font Formatting
Advanced Find and Replace Options Using Paragraph Formatting
Advanced Find and Replace Options Using Paragraph Marks
Advanced Find and Replace Options Using Page Breaks


Using Paste Special
'Paste Special' Options Using Formatted and Unformatted Text


Using Captions within Word 2013
Manually Adding a Caption to a Picture or Table
Removing Captions
Changing the Caption Number Formatting


Word 2013 Footnotes and Endnotes
Inserting Footnotes
Editing and Formatting Footnotes
Inserting Endnotes
Editing and Formatting Endnotes
Converting Footnotes to Endnotes
Converting Endnotes to Footnotes


Word 2013 Bookmarks and Cross-References
Adding a Bookmark
Creating a Page Cross-Reference to a Bookmark
Creating a Cross-Reference to a Numbered Item
Deleting Cross-References
Deleting a Bookmark




Master Documents and Word 2013
What Are Master Documents?
Creating a New Master Document by Creating Sub-Documents from Headings
Inserting Sub-Documents into a Master Document
Unlinking or Removing a Sub-Document from a Master Document
Using Text Outline Options


Word 2013 Tracking and Comments
Tracking Changes
Accepting or Rejecting Changes
Inserting Comments
Displaying and Editing Comments
Deleting Comments
Showing or Hiding Comments


Comparing and Combining Documents
Comparing Documents
Combining Revisions from Multiple Authors


Using a Tables of Contents & Indexes
Creating a Table of Contents
Updating a Table of Contents
Creating and Updating a Table of Figures
Marking an Index Entry
Marking an Index Sub-Entry
Compiling and Updating an Index


Linking & Embedding within Word 2013
What Is Object Linking?
Linking Data from a Document as an Icon
Updating a Linked Document
Breaking a Document Link
Linking Excel Data and Displaying the Linked Data as an Icon
Linking an Excel Chart to a Word Document as an Icon
Linking Excel Data and Displaying the Data within a Word Document
Linking an Excel Chart to a Word Document and Displaying the Chart
Updating or Breaking an Application Link
What Is Object Embedding?
Embedding Data into a Document as an Object
Editing Embedded Data
Deleting Embedded Data

Using Hyperlinks in Word 2013 Documents
Inserting Hyperlinks
Editing a Hyperlink
Removing a Hyperlink


Using Macros within Word 2013
Macro to Change Page Set-Up
Macro to Insert a Table with a Repeating Heading Row
Macro to Insert Fields into a Header or Footer
Assigning a Macro to a Button on a Toolbar


Word 2013 Fields
Inserting the Author Field into a Word Document
Inserting the File Name Field into a Word Document
Inserting the File Size Field into a Word Document
Displaying the Developer Tab
Inserting a Plain Text Fill-In Field
Inserting a Check Box Field
Inserting a Drop Down Field
Deleting Fields
Changing the Number Formatting Used By a Field
Updating Fields
Locking and Unlocking Fields
Using the Sum Formula within a Table


Word 2013 Forms
Creating and Protecting Form Text Fields
Creating and Protecting Form Check Boxes
Inserting and Protecting Form Drop-Down Menus
Modifying Form Fields and Displaying Help
Protecting a Form
Password Protecting a Form


Advanced Word 2013 Templates
What Are Word Templates?
Creating and Using a Word Template
Modifying a Word Template


Advanced Mail Merging Techniques
Editing and Sorting a Mail Merge Recipient List
Sorting and Editing a Mail Merge Recipient List (Within the Mail Merge Process)
Ask Fields and Bookmarks
Inserting Ask Fields
Inserting If…Then…Else… Fields
Using Merge Criteria in a Mail Merge


Passwords & Editing Restrictions
Adding 'Opening' Password Document Protection
Removing 'Open' Password Document Protection
Adding 'No Modifications' Document Password Protection
Removing a 'No Modification' Document Password
Allowing Only Tracked Changes or Comments
Marking a Document as a Final Version


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