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دورة مايكروسوفت اوفيس فيزيو 2003 ستب بي ستب

14 ساعة تدريبية

ميزات المعهد - دورات مايكروسوفت اوفيس :
- اختبار تحديد المستوى مجانا
- معهد معتمد من وزارة التربية والتعليم
- مناهج عالمية
- محاضرين معتمدين
- المخابر: جهاز كمبيوتر لكل طالب
- شهادة انجاز: تصديق وزارة التربية برسوم إضافية


(conditions apply)

• ضمان التقييم المجاني

• ضمان إعادة الدورة مجاناً

• ضمان استثمار الموارد البشرية

• التخصيص والملائمة مع الشركة

• ضمان ترقية الإصدار

Course Overview

• Build organization charts, floor plans, and other diagrams
• Add color, text, and other effects
• Connect shapes and create effective flowcharts
• Visualize and analyze data with new PivotDiagrams
• Insert and modify diagrams in other Microsoft Office documents
• Create your own shapes and templates and build custom diagrams

Your all-in-one learning experience includes:
• Files for building skills and practicing the book’s lessons
• Fully searchable eBook
• Bonus chapters on advanced Visio 2007 topics
• Bonus quick reference to the Ribbon, the new Microsoft Office interface
• Windows Vista Product Guide eReference—plus other resources on CD


Target Audience - Beg/Int


Microsoft Press Book Details - 336 pages, 1 companion CD


Course Outline


1 Getting Started with Visio 2007
Starting Diagrams by Using Templates

Working Within the Visio Environment

Customizing the Visio Environment

Getting Visio and Diagram Help

Key Points

2 Adding Shapes to Diagrams
Working with 1-D and 2-D Shapes

Adding Text to Shapes and the Drawing Page

Moving, Sizing, Rotating, and Copying Shapes

Working with Groups

Finding Shapes for Diagrams

Key Points

3 Formatting Shapes and Diagrams
Formatting Individual Shapes

Adding Decorative Elements to Diagrams

Applying Themes to Entire Diagrams

Key Points

4 Connecting Shapes
Connecting Shapes in Flowcharts

Modifying Shape Connections

Changing the Layout of Connected Shapes

Key Points


5 Creating Project Schedules
Creating Timelines to View Projects at a Glance

Exporting Timelines to Create Gantt Charts

Tracking Project Details with Gantt Charts

Key Points

6 Creating Organization Charts
Importing Data to Create Organization Charts

Storing and Displaying Employee Information in Organization Charts

Customizing the Layout of Organization Charts

Key Points


7 Laying Out Office Space
Creating Scaled Office Spaces

Adding Door, Window, and Furniture Shapes to Office Layouts

Organizing Shapes in Office Layouts by Using Layers

Key Points

8 Creating Network Diagrams
Connecting Shapes in Network Diagrams

Storing Information with Network Shapes

Creating Network Reports

Key Points


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